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Saranya Concept School is a pioneer in implementing various innovative practices in the school for an all-round development of the child – Academic achievement is always valued and given importance, however, the focus is on building the qualities required for a good human being in all aspects not just academic excellence.

Some of the innovative practices in vogue are listed here  — 

Capacity Building of Teachers

Teachers are regularly attending all the training programs organized by CBSE Centre of Excellence, Kakinada without fail. They are very much up-to-date with the latest CBSE policies and directions in imparting education to the students as a ‘joy of learning’. 

Besides CBSE, the school also sends the teachers to various training programs conducted by different organizations, book publishers etc. so that they get a chance to interact with teacher of other schools and discuss the academic practices. 

Our school teachers regularly collaborate with teachers of other schools in Kakinada city and exchange  their ideas for improving the standards of teaching for the students.

Saranya Concept School also implements several in-house training programs to improve the talents of teachers. Recently in Summer 2019 an intensive training was arranged for adopting various pedagogical methods, learning outcome based teaching recommended by CBSE and also for  refreshing the knowledge of English grammar, comprehension along with the subject knowledge.  Seminars, presentations, discussions, practice questions, mock teaching sessions were included in the training program.

Teachers regularly write their lesson plans, module plans in detail for every teaching period.  They record the feedback after conducting the class, review and implement remedial sessions if necessary.  The lesson plans and module plans are discussed with academic heads and Principal regularly.

 Teachers are highly encouraged to read the reference books from the library, go through the magazines in the library and use relevant articles in their lesson plans. The academic heads review such work and guide the teachers in this regard.

Innovative promotion of Mathematics

In Saranya Concept School we give importance in teaching the techniques and concepts of mathematics to the students rather than rot learning. We use mostly hands-on methods for the students to understand the concepts.

 A full-fledged primary Maths lab with all necessary equipment for learning basic mathematic concepts at the primary level such as counting, finding shortfall or surplus, arithmetic operations, fractions etc. is actively used every day. 

Class strength is carefully planned for 1:20 by intelligently arranging the periods for focused teaching.  Almost every day in-class activities are conducted and followed up with adequate practice in their class work and home work books. 

Assessments are conducted at three levels –(1) ability to do a given sum (2) ability to explain how to solve a problem and (3) ability to translate the concept into action and show by means of an activity to solve a problem – practical use of mathematics

In high school, beside following a similar approach, various tools such as mind-maps, concept charts, definitions, check-your-understanding lists, I-can-do-this checks etc. are implemented.

Innovative strategies for inculcating habit of reading among children

In Saranya Concept School we insist the students to read the text book thoroughly.  We do not teach questions and answers.  Students have to find out the answers themselves and verify with the teacher. This – in all subjects – including mathematics – will automatically enhance their reading ability. Specific periods are allotted in lesson plans for this reading activity.

Library is redesigned and renovated to evince and promote more interest by the students and staff for making the best use of the resources such as childrens’ magazines specially ordered by the school for the students.

Library period is compulsory for all students from grade I to X.  For lower grades upto III, besides increased periods for languages, there are special periods for loud reading where students will read aloud stories from the library books and comic cards. There is a period for Talking Time where they freel discuss the contents of the stories and their home anecdotes under watchful guidance of teachers. 

For grades III to V specific periods of extra-curricular reading are ear-marked where students are given a list of selected books which they have to complete reading by the end of academic year and earn rewards.

From grade VI onwards students are encouraged to borrow books from the library and write their book reviews regularly. 

Saranya Concept School publishes an in-house magazine every few weeks where the literary works of students are show-cased on merit basis.

Promotion of values education

Saranya Concept School is founded by His Holiness Sri Tridandi Sriranga Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamiji with a view to impart value based education to the students.  We highly respect the ideals of our beloved founder.  Sri Swamiji has set standards on what his expectations are about the students and teachers.  These are listed as ‘Eight Ideals’ and every student and teacher takes a pledge to achieve them. (Visit them in Home > About Us > Eight Ideals and Specialties)

Moral Instruction classes are conducted strictly according to the syllabus every week based on games and activities.

In high school classes, every month one value is taken up and practice of the value is observed.  As directed by CBSE the regular curriculum also includes value-points and life-skills in the lessons taught.

Our Culture and Tradition is taught with specific syllabus for all grades to highlight on human values, moral behavior, tradition and culture of our country etc. Parents and local community highly respect the value education taught in our School.

Use of digital tools for classroom management

Six smart boards are in use with digital curriculum from NCERT, SCERT, Other State Boards and Private Publishers in each subject from Grades I to X.

Teachers regularly sign up for the smart board classes and include in the lesson plans.

Students are encouraged to explain certain concepts using Smart Boards to get confidence in the respective areas.

Use of technology for students’ personalized learning

TABs are introduced to highschool students for individual study and assessment.

In every subject students will read, study and conduct their own assessments in school on the TABS available at individual level.  This is part of their lesson plan so that they will not skip this important aspect of learning.

Assessments and tests are conducted on TABs and the results are quickly analyzed, reviewed and discussed with students.  The concepts are reinforced when necessary.

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