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Homework Committee

Homework Review Committee

Members – (1) Smt. G. Padmaja – TGT English (2) Sri Ch. Dorababu – TGT Maths (3) Smt. M. Durga Lakshmi – PRT (4) Smt. S. Chandrajyoti – PRT

The Committee meets on quarterly basis. The committee has to look after the homework being given by different teachers across the school and determine if the policy on homework is being followed. The Committee has to see if the projects and homework are being given at the same time to make sure that students are not overloaded.  

The committee has decided that the students have to be motivated properly so that they complete their homework in time.  A reward system may be introduced by the teachers for achieving the goal. 

The committee recommended that the teachers should given activity/observation based homework which may induce the children to learn the practical aspects of their lessons at home. 

The committee has observed that its decision to introduce No Bags Day for primary classes met with success.  It is proposed to extend the same for 6th and 7th grades also on an experimental basis after Dasara vacation.

The homework policy and timetable is to be made available on the school website at Academics > Homework