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Arts Education Committee

Arts Education Committee

Members — (1) Smt. D.A.L. Satyavati – Arts Teacher (2) Sri M. Yedukondalu – Music Teacher (3) Smt. Ch. Shivaranjani – PRT (4) Smt. M. Vijayalakhsmi – TGT Science 

The committee meets once in a quarter and has to take into account fine arts – like music, dance, drawing, painting, craft etc. as well as integrating them into subjects as well. 

The committee has decided to integrate the ‘creativity and appreciation’ based exercises given in the language text books with Art classes for all grades. 

It has also decided to include an Art teacher in Environmental Science class as well as Science/Math teacher in Art classes so that the student can learn both aspects of the item being prepared. After reviewing the results, the same approach may be recommended for high school classes as well. 

The drawings and painting of the students are published regularly in the school magazines and displayed on the class notice boards. 

Art based competitions are included in the school calendar of events for every grade. Achievements outside the school are recognized and displayed in the school website under Academics > Achievements