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Homework Policy

The school follows ‘No Homework‘ Policy for grades I and II strictly. 

The school also implements ‘No School Bags Day‘ on 1st and 3rd Saturdays for all primary classes

Homework policy has been designed keeping in mind, student’s homework load.

  1. Homework load is reduced by giving homework time table with three subjects per day  (2 written homeworks and 1 reading homework.  )
  2. Homework is also planned without written activity sometimes. For example — (1) ‘Go to the market with your father and buy some fruits, vegetable, snacks etc and calculate the price of each item with its quantity and find its total (Grade IV).   (2)  Visit Koringa Wildlife Sanctuary and list out the flora and fauna found there. (Grade VII)  (3)  Visit to a farm and find out new agricultural practices to increase agricultural production. (Grade VIII)
  3. A specific timetable is followed in each grade for giving homework. This timetable has been fixed keeping in view several factors such as the homework load of the students, their projects, classwork they have to etc.  This is considered as the most balanced homework load of the children depending on their grade and subjects.

The homework timetable can be viewed by clicking on this link