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Innovations Committee

Innovations Committee

With the advent of technology and new methods of learning, it has become necessary to implement innovative methods for the current and future generations of the students in the school.  A committee has been constituted to look at the innovative measures to be taken at the school for academic as well as all-round development of the students.

Members : (1) Dr. Smt. B. Uma Maheswari – TGT Science (2) Sri M. Perumalla Rao – TGT Maths  (3) Smt. A.S.L. Akhila – TGT Social (4) Smt. V. Rajeswari – TGT SL 

The Committee meets on quarterly basis and reviews/recommends innovative practices at the school.

The Committee has appreciated some of the innovative measures already introduced in the school such as – 

(1) Digital classes (2) TAB based personalized learning (3) Individual access to computers (4) No Bags day for primary classes (5) Activity based teaching for mathematics and sciences (6) In-house non-periodical magazine (7) ‘Everyday Science’ period – once in a week for V to X standards (8) One interesting question or fact to be displayed in the scrolling board and elicit response from students 

The following measures are suggested for implementation in this year – (1) Every teacher has to contribute an article in his/her subject area (2) Activity based assessment by way of story telling – by high school students to primary students (3) Dramatic presentation of a given topic – students have to write their own script (4) ‘Narrate your story’ –  Student has to describe how the moral value he practiced made a difference in his/others life.

It has been decided to list the innovative practices in the school website under Academics > Innovation with detailed explanation.