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Saranya Concept School is running with the same values without any deviation, which our beloved Founder His Holiness Sri Swamiji has visualized from the time of its inception.

Co-Scholastic and Extra-Curricular Achievements

Our students have taken active participation in UCO, UIEO, and NSTSE exams conducted by Unified Council. T.S.S. Varshith, V. Vishal Venku Reddy, and P. Vibhesh emerged as Zonal and National Achievers. 26 students from different classes have been selected for UCO-2nd level exam.

M. Vishwesh and P. Pranathi stood as winners in Chekumuki Talent Test (Mandal Level).

V. Raghuram and USN Manikumar represented the AP State at National Level Bharath Ko Jano quiz competition.

The school also won many prizes in various Inter school competitions. Our students secured 1st place at Mandal level, in both senior and junior category and secured 5th place at district level in junior category,  in Chekumuki talent test conducted by Janavignana vedika, AP state NGO organisation.

Achievements in Arts Education 

Arts, Dance and Music (Mrudangam) are the Arts classes offered in Saranya Concept School. 

Arts class consists of Drawing as well as Crafts making. Children make different models of useful items and exhibit in the Art Exhibition conducted annually.  They also win prizes in ‘Best out of Waste’ competitions using the skills learnt in Art Education.  The Art classes are also now given additional academic importance by giving additional input with the EVS (Environmental Science) classes so that students are trained and given ideas to make their own  science models. 

Students from I standard to X standard attend Mrudangam and Bharata Natyam classes in the school itself.  It is a treat to the eyes and ears when our little youngsters perform in the school talent shows and functions.

For improving theatrical skills students enact role-plays during the language classes and present their topics in theatrical style.   

N. Kavish of UKG has secured Bala Surya award in State Level Mrudangam competitions.

Academic Achievements (2018-19)

Our sixth batch of X-class students (40 in number) appeared for AISSE-2018-19 examination and secured 100% pass result.  V. Vishal Venku Reddy and Ch.Suchasmitha have scored 100% in Social Science.

Our Class Averages are as follows – English (86.88%), Telugu (86%), Social (83%), Hindi (82.80%), Science (79.83%) and Maths (68.88%)

School average – 81.29%

Academic Achievements (2017-18)

Our fifth batch of X-class students (33 in number) appeared for AISSE-2017-18 examination and secured 100% pass result.  P. Vibhesh, M. Vijay, K. Eswar, D. Rajasree Reddy, M. Indra Mukesh Naidu scored 100% in Maths, Science and Social Science respectively

Our Class Averages are as follows  — English (82.7%), Telugu (86.7%), Social (87.9%), Hindi (74.6%), Science (80.3%) and Maths (77.8%)

School Average – 81.85%

Sports Achievements 

Saranya Concept School implements compulsory ‘Sports and Games Period’ everyday.  It is one of the eight specialties of the school envisaged by our beloved founder His Holiness Sri Tridandi Sriranga Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamiji. 

Every grade from I to X should be on the ground in the Games period without fail. No excuse is accepted except for health reasons.  Extra classes in Games period are highly discouraged.

A grade wise sports and games calendar is followed and displayed prominently on the notice board for primary as well as high school classes.  Volley Ball, Throw Ball, Kho Kho and Athletics are regularly practiced here. Students regularly scan the notice board for the activities they have to do during their break times and eagerly look for games period.

The sports activity cards supplied by CBSE for primary classes are mastered by the students grade after grade enthusiastically. 

Besides two PETs (one male and another femle) the school has designated four other teachers as coordinators for HPE. The HPE activities are religiously recorded as per prescribed procedure.  Mass-drill is practiced on Wednesdays. Scouts practice their activities on Thursdays with a certified Scout Master. 

Activities conducted under HPE (Health and Physical Education)

Strand I : Athletics, Kabadi, Kho-Kho, Volley ball, Chess, Rope Skipping, Yoga, Cricket, Throwball.

Strand II : Mass P.T, Yoga, Dance,  Calisthenics, Jogging, Physical fitness activities.

Strand III :Empathy, First aid, Health club, Gardening, Composite pit, Nutrition and health status, Participating in community and health Programs, First aid, Plantation of shade or avenue trees, Acquaintance with  common fertilizers and chemicals, Preparation of family budget, Helping School authorities in organizing picnics,tours etc, Participate in adult literacy program, Resources for class room and school use, organizing sports competition for primary school, School gardening project, Volunteer for in-school activities, Swachch Bharat, School water use audit, setting up rain water harvesting structure, project on recycling of water, setting up drip irrigation structure for school garden,Project on understanding water pollution.

Other Achievements (2016-17)

The School as a member of CBSE Sahodaya cluster, Kakinada,  won many prizes in literary, cultural and sports events conducted year after year. However, such meets were not conducted after the year 2016-17 for some administrative reasons.  The students and staff are eagerly waiting for another opportunity to show their talent in sports and extra-curricular activities. Recently with the advent of Hub of Learning activities students have gained more momentum and enthusiasm to sharpen their skills on the ground and they have won few medals in the latest inter-school sports meet also.

In the Sahodaya meet for 2016-17, Junior championship in the sports events was won by Master P.Vijay Kumar of VIII standard. The school secured 2nd place in Math Relay, 1st place in English Script Writing, 3rd place in Hindi Dialogue writing, 2nd place in Telugu Quiz. In Kho-Kho and Kabaddi the students stood as winners at Junior level. In throw ball in Senior Category the students stood as runners. They secured many individual prizes as well.