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HPE Committee

Health and Physical Education Committee

The HPE committee has been re-constituted at the beginning of the academic year 2019-20 to coordinate and promote interest in sports for the benefit of students. 

Members : (1) Sri K.V.V. Satyanarayana – P.E.T. (2) Kum. M. Nagalakshmi – P.E.T  (3) Smt. A. Kalyani – TGT and HPE Coordinator  (4) Smt. T. Jayanti — PRT and HPE Coordinator (5)  Smt. K. Ranganayakamma — PRT and HPE facilitator  (6)  Smt. Ch. Jayasree — PRT and HPE facilitator

The Committee meets once in a month and reviews all aspects of Health and Physical Education implementation, sports, indoor and outdoor games and physical activities of students during school hours.

The Committee has decided to continue the school’s policy of ‘compulsory HPE period’ for all classes as it has also been reiterated by the CBSE.  Committee appreciated the vision of our Founder, who has implemented this right from inception of the school.

The Committee has endorsed the HPE Coordination work for Smt. A. Kalyani to make sure that all the three strands of HPE are implemented in all classes and the progress is monitored regularly.

As the Sahodaya Cluster is not active, the Committee has appreciated the initiative for sports meet in the Hub formed this year and congratulated the students for achieving medals in athletic activities.

It is also decided by the Committee that the teachers should implement activity based teaching in all subjects.  They should bring the children to the playground and teach the lessons in play-way methods. 

A sports meet will be conducted on the eve of Republic Day like every year and intra-school competitions will be held.

Achievements of the students will be listed in school website under Academics > Achievements and pictures are posted in the Gallery section of the website.