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Principal’s Message

Saranya Concept School is ‘Unique’ right from its location, campus design and in providing learning environment.

The school is located in a serene environment, away from the noise pollution. One who steps inside the school premises experiences the uniqueness of its design, which makes them feel that they have entered into an abode of peace and children always feel secured as it doesn’t have a routine school environment. I have heard many times the Tiny Tots those who came to school seeking for school admission, asking their parents “you said we are going to a school instead you brought me to a park”!!!

This park of knowledge provides an opportunity to every child to explore and learn from the Mother Nature. I have noticed children observing a stick insect camouflaging itself on a branch of a mango tree, a pupa of butterfly hanging to a stem and a Parrot nibbling a guava with excitement.

The Pedagogy also addresses the needs of different learning styles, which provides a stress free learning environment. Many a times parents worried that their children are not afraid of the school and suggested us to threaten them.Students were allowed to focus more on real learning than the virtual learning through volunteer work for school events.

Safety and healthy growing is the fundamental concern and concept of the school. Every member on the campus owns the ideology and vision of our Founder fondly known as Swamiji and work for the success of it.

Finally the Board results, year after year till date proved that we are moving ahead in a right direction and the success of the school Alumni not only in the Academics, also in social activities showing their concern towards the mankind further strengthened the thought that we are not only moving in right direction but also paving a path.

I cannot stay a single day without admiring our visionary founder Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Sriranga Ramanuja Jeeyer Swamiji for developing and monitoring very closely such a wonderful and successful design of learning.